Toll Processing & Oil Splits


Why You Should Process With Azullu:


North Carolina is an emerging hemp market place and CBD concentrates are in higher demand then ever. With the limited number of extraction companies currently offering high quality and professional services to you, the cultivator, we hope to fill that void. The question is, what makes Azullu the best, and why are we the best value for your business? 

Our Product

There are many advantages for choosing to have your hemp plants processed into Full Spectrum Crude Oil. First and foremost is the product itself. Full Spectrum Crude Oil is, simply put, the best way to maximize products your company can offer. A gentle harvest saves the maximum amount of terpenes within the plant and creates a flavor profile that is impossible to recreate with traditional extraction techniques. 

From a business standpoint, there are two distinct benefits to choosing Hydrocarbon Extraction that are not seen in other extraction methods. First, by using the whole plant you are able to cut down on labor costs as no trimming is required. For businesses, margins are everything; this helps reduce total cost by getting product onto shelves in a more efficient manner. The second benefit seen by businesses choosing Hydrocarbon Extraction is in turnaround time. Because the plant does not need to be trimmed and cured, it can be ran within days of harvest; allowing it to be sent back to you in less time than it takes most plants to finish curing. These benefits, along with the fact that Hydrocarbon Extraction is currently on the cutting edge of cannabis technology, allows Azullu to afford you the opportunity to carry one of the most in demand products around without breaking the bank. 


Our Pricing

At Azullu we believe in fair pricing, after all it doesn't make sense to process if your being charged to much. We offer two different contract types depending on what works for you. Below are the options of our contracts as well as requirements. 

Toll Processing Rates(2020)

  • Crude Oil- $20/lb

  • Winterized Crude Oil- $47/lb (from biomass) or $2/g (from crude)​ ​

  • Distillation- Coming Soon

  • Toll Process Order Requirements:

    • Must have a full panel of testing (dated within 14 days of contract start)

    • Minimum order of 35lbs dry weight

    • 30% deposit is required to get into our queue remaining 70% due upon completion and before pickup

Oil Split Rates (2020) (This upcoming year we will only take splits on CBG and Total THC Compliant material.) We are currently not accepting anymore oil splits.

  • Crude Oil- 70/30

  • Winterized Crude- 60/40

  • Distillation- Coming Soon

  • Oil Split Requirements:

    • Must have a full panel of testing (dated within 14 days of contract start)

    • Minimum order of 350lbs dry weight 

    • We take our percentage off the top as a processing and handling fee (We have a 3% of total yield guarantee)  

    • All Oil Splits are setup in the cultivators favor

Analysis Add-Ons

  • COA- $85

  • VOC Residual Solvents-  $105

  • Terpenes- $85

  • Heavy Metals- $85

  • Full Panel- $325

(Please note all testing is done by a 3rd party lab and may delay product readiness)

Ask us about our white label services. We offer a wide variety of ways to further refine your crude into a shelf ready product your consumers will love to get their hands on.

Disclaimer: We are not brokers, We do not include the sale of your crude as part of the Toll Process or Oil Split unless we have a written contract stating so. All sales or movement of product is the sole responsibility of the cultivator or manufacturer. No oil will be released unless invoice is paid in full.

Our Professionalism


An organization is only as good as the people who are behind the curtain. Our master extractors have over 15 years of concentrate making experience between them, and draw on that wealth of knowledge every day they're in the lab running our machines. When you trust Azullu with your harvest, you can be sure it's in the expert hands of one of North Carolina's best extraction teams.


In addition to our incredible extraction techs, we have an amazing team of sales representatives who are committed to making sure that processing with Azullu is an effortless and professional experience. After all, we are no more than a call or email away. Our reps are as passionate about our products as you are about your plants. 


Our Process

When it comes to CBD concentrates, consistency is the name of the game. There is no use in making concentrates if every batch turns out wildly different then the last. To ensure that our customers can be confident in every run of Azullu concentrates, we have developed a detailed set of standard operating procedures for our technicians that provide the framework for making our concentrate products.

Turnaround times may vary, however we typically see:

  • Crude Oil- 1 week (Based on 350lb orders)

  • Winterized Crude Oil- 2 weeks (Based on 350lb orders)

From the time we start running your material.

(Please note 3rd party lab analysis will delay product readiness)

FDA Disclosure


Charlotte, NC, USA